Children’s testimonies: I like my educator or teacher and when I am withthem, I can do the following activities…

This OMEP-Canada project had the objective of highlighting two professions: Those of teachers at the preschool level, and daycare educators at both schools and early childhood daycares. Testimonies were collected from children 0 to 8 years old with regards to their favorite activities done with their teachers at school or with their day care educators. To bring these testimonies to life, this digital book has been created with photographs, (videos) and creations made by the children that were interviewed. The document is accessible to members of OMEP and to the public, free of charge.

Voyage into the OMEP-Canada universe

2008 was a memorable year for the Canadian National Committee of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP-Canada). That year, OMEP-Canada had the honour of hosting the the OMEP World Assembly in Quebec City. This was the 60th anniversary of the World organization and the 50th anniversary of OMEP-Canada’s affiliation. OMEP-Canada held a World Seminar for those interested in early childhood education. The theme of the reflective seminar, Nurturing Peace Together with Children, echoed the previous decade of work at UNESCO that had been devoted to the development of peace and non-violence. Ten years later, we celebrate our 60 years with pride as we celebrate 70 years with OMEP. This is the opportunity to benefit from these celebrations by underlining the history of our organization these past sixty years. Like the team that prepared a children’s album in 2008, we believe in the relevance of remembering and highlighting certain OMEP-Canada activities. It is important to preserve these memories of past actions, and to be able to refer to them, in order to better understand the work of our predecessors and improve the circumstances of young children. To ‘tell our story’, we chose to use the concept of an alphabet primer and to structure our history around the 26 letters of the alphabet. This choice reminds us of the pleasure we had in 2004 while creating our own ABC book on the development of peace and non-violence2 . It also brings us closer to the children and their ways of learning. Sadly, this choice of 26 words forces us to limit the number of events presented ! This album is accompanied by photographs and illustrations that share our warmth. It is also an attempt to thank all the volunteers who have brought life into this organization dedicated to early childhood. Happy anniversary to us all.

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L’identité professionnelle de l’enseignante et de l’enseignant à l’éducation préscolaire. Entre le « je » et le « nous-autres »